My Story


My fascination with digital marketing started at the dawn of social media. I was using Myspace (like we all used to back then!) and Facebook when it was only available to university students.

During this time I coded my first basic website showcasing my skills. I called the site ‘Libra Digital Solutions’. Little did I know at the time, this would be a path I would choose later on.

After graduating from university, I found it difficult to get employment in local government which was my bachelors of science. In 2008, the year I graduated, the financial crisis was in full swing.

So I ended up in the hospitality sector, which gave me the opportunity to craft my leadership skills. Later on, I decided it was time to put my ever-growing interest in digital marketing to work.

I was employed as a digital marketing strategist and team manager at a fast-paced agency. During this time, I combined my leadership skills with my knowledge of digital marketing and helped the agency grow.

The overall team worked with FTSE100 companies, large non-profits and small to medium progressive businesses. After out-growing my position, I decided it was time to dedicate myself to extensive studying.

This is how my digital marketing agency UNIMETRICS was born. Today the team continues to learn, share and discuss developments in digital marketing and help our clients reach new levels of success.

I’m really looking forward to seeing how digital marketing continues to develop as we journey through this remarkable time.

Since making the leap, I have never looked back and I absolutely love working with my team and my clients.